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  • "There is an old adage that friends do not let friends drive drunk. Israel today is drunk with power and blind with this siege mentality for which the Palestinians have paid a terrible price. For those concerned with the plight of the Palestinians, it is now more than ever time to redouble our efforts. Only outside pressure on Israel will make a difference. The change that is needed will not come from within Israel since the courageous Left in Israel is weak and marginalized. The non-violent BDS movement is an essential component of the strategy of this outside pressure.". (David Glick, in Mondoweiss, March 25, 2015).

  • Aankondigingen, Oproepen, Persberichten, Petities...

    • Samidoun (April 17, 2015): "Palestinian Prisoners Day: Take Action, Stand with Palestinian Prisoners!": klik hier! new



    • "Le boycott universitaire" (Campagne BDS France): klik hier. new
    • "Le dossier du boycott universitaire contre Israël" (Alternative Information Center), pdf, 16p.: klik hier . new
    • "THE BUSINESS OF BACKLASH: The Attack on the Palestinian Movement and Other Movements for Justice" (IJAN, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network), executive summary, pdf, 15p.: klik hier . new
    • "Why Boycott Israeli Universities" (BRICUP, first published April 2007), pdf, 40p.: klik hier .
    • "Supporting Israeli apartheid: EU funding for Elbit Systems" (, pdf, 11p.: klik hier .
    • "Academic Boycott of Israel and the Complicity of Israeli Academic Institutions in Occupation of Palestinian Territories" (in: The Economy of the Occupation, A Socioeconomic Bulletin, No 23, October 2009, published by the Alternative Information Center), pdf, 64p.: klik hier .
    • B'Tselem Report, January 2015: "Black Flag: The legal and moral implications of the policy of attacking residential buildings in the Gaza Strip Summer 2014" (B'Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, 49 p.): klik hier .
    • UNESCO Report: "Rapid Assessment of Higher Education Institutions in Gaza. Data Analysis Report" (examines the material, human and educational damage sustained by 26 higher education institutions (HEIs) in Gaza during 50 days of conflict between 7 July and 26 August 2014), 50 p.: klik hier . Briefing paper (4 p.): klik hier .
    • Katarzyna LEMANSKA: "Les liens entre la Belgique et l’occupation israélienne". Étude - avril 2014. Mise à jour en aout 2014, 89 p.: klik hier . Nederlandstalige samenvatting: "De banden tussen België en de Israëlische bezetting" (7 blz.): klik hier .
    • Report "Divide and Conquer - Inequality in Health". (Report by Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, January 2015, 47 p.): klik hier . Voor een bespreking: Adri NIEUWHOF: "Ten-year gap between Palestinian and Israeli life expectancy: report" (The Electronic Intifada, 24 January 2015): klik hier .
    • "Rapport AI: "Des familles sous les décombres. Les attaques israéliennes contre des habitations". (Amnesty International 2014, pdf, 54 p.): klik hier . Voor een samenvatting, "Nulle part où fuir et où trouver sécurité et justice": klik hier .
    • "Report: EU obligations and duty to end Israeli policies of Forced Transfer, Colonialism and Apartheid in Occupied East Jerusalem". (European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine, September 2014, pdf, 42 p.): klik hier ; voor een samenvatting: klik hier .
    • "Israëlische nederzettingen: struikelblok voor de vrede". 11.11.11 (19 mei 2014): klik hier ; voor een samenvatting: klik hier .
    • "Onrecht tijdens de vredesonderhandelingen (augustus 2013 - april 2014)". Op het The Rights Forum, Voor een rechtvaardig Midden-Oosten beleid: klik hier .
    • "'Trigger Happy' - Israeli army and police use reckless force in the West Bank". Amnesty International Report, 87 pp., pdf: klik hier . Presentatie: Amnesty International, February 27, 2014: klik hier .
    • Joel BEININ & Lisa HAJJAR: "Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict" (MERIP, primer, rev. ed., February 2014, 16 p.), pdf: klik hier .
    • "Not enough water in the West Bank?" (Middle East Children's Alliance, 22 March 2013), pdf: klik hier.
    • "Trading Away Peace: How Europe Helps Sustain Illegal Israeli Settlements". The report reveals that the EU imports approximately fifteen times more from the illegal settlements than from the Palestinians themselves. This report is produced by the following organisations: 1. Aprodev; 2. Broederlijk Delen (Belgium); 3. Caabu (UK); 4. CCFD - Terre Solidaire (France); 5. Christian Aid (UK and Ireland); 6. Church of Sweden; 7. Cordaid (Netherlands); 8. DanChurchAid (Denmark); 9. Diakonia (Sweden); 10. FinnChurchAid (Finland); 11. ICCO (Netherlands); 12. IKV Pax Christi (Netherlands); 13. International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH); 14. Medical Aid for Palestinians (UK); 15. Medico International (Germany); 16. Medico International Switzerland; 17. The Methodist Church in Britain; 18. Norwegian People’s Aid; 19. Norwegian Church Aid; 20. Quaker Council for European Affairs; 21. Quaker Peace and Social Witness (UK); 22. Trocaire (Ireland). For more information please contact: Published October 2012. For the full report (pdf, 19 pp.) click here.
    • "New WCLAC report – Women’s Voices: Glimpses of Life Under Occupation" (Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling, 16 October 2012). The report seeks to illustrate some of the day-to-day challenges faced by Palestinians living under prolonged military occupation through the eyes of ordinary women who struggle, on a daily basis, to cope with an extraordinary situation.. The full report on WCLAC (pdf).
    • "Report of the Special Rapporteur [Richard Falk] on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967". United Nations, General Assemblee, 67th Session, 19 September 2012. The present report addresses Israel’s compliance with its obligations under international law in relation to its occupation of Palestinian territory. The Special Rapporteur focuses particular attention on the legal responsibility of business enterprises, corporations and non-State actors involved in activities relating to Israel’s settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. The full report in English (pdf, 27 pp.).

    Websites in de kijker:

    • "Een Ander Joods Geluid - Vóór Israël en Palestina, tegen bezetting en geweld" (NL): klik hier!
    • "Een Andere Joodse Stem" (BE): klik hier!
    • "Agence Média Palestine (FR): klik hier!
    • "Alternative Information Center" (AIC): klik hier!
    • "AURDIP - Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine": klik hier!
    • "Breaking the Silence: Israeli soldiers talk about the Occupied Territories": klik hier!
    • "European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP)": klik hier!
    • "Jaffadok (Documentatie over Palestijnen, Israël, Midden-Oosten)": klik hier!
    • "Made in Illegality" (Stop de economische relaties met de Israëlische nederzettingen): klik hier!
    • "Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA)": klik hier!
    • "Palestina Solidariteit" (Facebook): klik hier!
    • "Russell Tribunal on Palestine": klik hier!
    • "Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network klik hier!
    Voor een volledige lijst van websites (281): klik hier!


    • Noam CHOMSKY, Ilan PAPPÉ & Frank Barat (red.): "On Palestine". Haymarket Books 2015, 220 pag., ISBN 8-1608464708. Bespreking in De Wereld Morgen .
    • Hamde ABU RAHMA: "My Book. Roots Run Deep - Life in Occupied Palestine". Photo book - 35 photos; size: 15×20 cm; page count: 86; prize: £8.50. Info & order online: klik hier .
    • Marcel LIEBMAN: "Figures de l'antisémitisme". Textes choisis et présentés par Jean Vogel. Éd. Aden, 2015; prix: 20 euro (frais d'envoi compris). Info: Institut Marcel Liebman .
    • Norman FINKELSTEIN: "Method and Madness. The Hidden Story of Israel's assaults on Gaza". OR Books, 2014. 236 pages • Paperback ISBN 978-1-939293-71-8 • E-book 978-1-939293-72-5. Price: pb $17.00; e-book: $10.00. Nederlandse vertaling van het integrale slothoofdstuk op De Wereld Morgen .
    • Lieven VANHOUTTE: "Overleven in Palestina". Uitg. boekboek, 2014, 90p., aangeboden in epub-formaat. Gratis dowloadbaar op .
    • Richard FALK: "Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope". Just World Books, 2014; ISBN 978-1935982425; 238 p.; $ 24.00. Bespreking door Rod Such, "The Moral Clarity of Richard Falk" (14 Nov 2014): The Electronic Intifada.
    • Ilan PAPPÉ: "The Idea of Israel: A History of Power and Knowledge". Verso 2014, isbn: 9781844678563; hardback; 288p.; prijs: £ 16.99. Info: Verso (boekbespreking door Lode Vanoost, op De Wereld Morgen, 10 september 2014).
    • Ahron BREGMAN: "Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories". Allen Lane 2014, isbn: 978-0713997750; hardback; 461 p.; prijs: $ 22.36. Info: [boekbespreking door Rod Such, "New book reveals top-secret collusion between Israel, US during twenty years of “peace talks”" (The Electronic Intifada, 29 August 2014): klik hier.]
    • Lucas CATHERINE: "De Israël Lobby". Epo 2011, isbn: 9789064457951 · paperback (12,5 x 20 cm) - 200p. · prijs: € 16.50.
    • Ali ABUNIMAH: "The Battle for Justice in Palestine". Publ. Haymarket Books 2014; ISBN: 9781608463244; paperback; price: $17.00.
    • Stéphane HESSEL & Véronique DE KEYSER: "Palestine, la trahison européenne". Éditions Fayard, 2013; ISBN 978-2213678078; 280 pages; 18,00 euros. "Palestine, la trahison européenne, Questions à Véronique De Keyser": Association France Palestine Solidarité.
    • Jo ROBERT: "Contested Land, Contested Memory. Israel's Jews and Arabs and the Ghosts of Catastrophe". Dundurn, 2013; ISBN 978-1459710115; paperback, 304 pages; $20.23. Book review by Rosemarie M. Esber: The Electronic Intifada.
    • Suraya DADOO & Firoz OSMAN: "Why Israel? The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid – A South African Perspective". Porcupine Press, Melville, South Africa, 2013; 778 pages. Book review by Jim Miles: The Palestine Chronicle.
    • Inge NEEFS: "Gaza op mijn hoofd". EPO, 2013 (1 dec); isbn: 9789491297489, paperback, ca. 250p., prijs: circa € 17.00. Info: EPO.
    • Khaled FURANI: "Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry". Stanford UP, 2012; ISBN-13: 978-0804776462; hardcover; 312 pp.; Price: 55.00$. Bespreking door Sarah Irving op: The Electronic Intifada, 21 January 2013.
    • "Breaking the Silence. Getuigenissen van Israelische soldaten uit de Bezette Gebieden, 2000-2010". Uitg. De ArbeidersPers, 2012, paperback; ISBN 9789029586023; 368 blz.; 25,00 euro (boekpresentatie 25 okt 2012).
    • Miko PELED: "The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine". With a Foreword by Alice Walker. Just World Books, 2012; ISBN:978-1-935982-15-9; 223pp; $20. Voor een bespreking: klik hier!
    • Nurid PELED-ELHANAN: "Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education". I.B.Tauris, 2012, 9781780765051 | Paperback | 280 pages, 14.99 £. Bespreking door Asa Winstanley: The Electronic Intifada.
    • Antony LOEWENSTEIN & Ahmed MOOR (edd.): "After Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine". Saqi Books, 2012, $ 15.95 (bespreking door Sarah IRVING op: The Electronic Intifada, 14 August 2012).
    • Ben WHITE: "Palestinians in Israel". Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy. With a Foreword by Haneen Zoabi. Pluto Press, 2012, $ 25.00 (uitvoerige bespreking op: The Electronic Intifada).


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