• Petition: "Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions": Statement. Zie bespreking op The Electronic Intifada (6 October 2014).
    • Christophe CALLEWAERT: "Situatie in Gaza kan uitmonden in genocide". Het Russell Tribunal on Palestine hield in Brussel een speciale zitting over de oorlog in Gaza (De Wereld Morgen, 30 september 2014): klik hier.
    • Geneva, September 29, 2014: UN Special Rapporteur alarmed by devastating impact of Gaza conflict on Palestinian civilians.
      "Makarim Wibisono today expressed alarm at the terrible cost paid by Palestinian civilians, especially children in Gaza, as a result of Israel’s military operation that lasted 50 days from 7 July to 26 August this year. The latest round of violence has left 1,479 civilians, including 506 children dead. A staggering 11,231 Palestinian civilians, including 3,436 children were injured, many, now struggling with life-long disabilities. Tens of thousands of children live with the trauma of having witnessed the horrific killings of family members, friends, and neighbours before their own eyes...".
      See more at: United Nations Human Rights.
    • Koen VANBRABANDT & Ludo DE BRABANDER: "De Gaza-oorlog van 2014 door de bril van internationaal recht: Oorlogsmisdaden door Israël" (Vrije Tribune,, 28 september 2014): klik hier!.
    • Brigitte HERREMANS: "Gaza in een wurggreep" (SAMPOL, September 17, 2014, pdf): klik hier.
    • Rasha ABOU JAMAL: "With $550M in agricultural losses, Gazans going hungry" (Al Monitor, September 17, 2014): klik hier.
    • Ramzy BAROUD: "Analysis: On victory and false victory in Gaza" (Ma'an News Agency, 16 September 2014): klik hier.
    • Rania KHALEK: "Israeli officer admits ordering lethal strike on own soldier during Gaza massacre" (The Electronic Intifada, 10 September 2014): klik hier.
    • Dries VAN AGT: "50 dagen Gazaoorlog - feiten en cijfers" (The Rights Forum, voor een rechtvaardig M-O beleid, 10/09/2014): klik hier.
    • Arthur NESLEN: "EU source: Gaza reconstruction aid is ‘made in Israel’" (EurActiv, 4/09/2014): klik hier.
    • Ma'an Report: "Rebuilding Gaza to cost $7.8 billion" (Ma'an News Agency, September 6, 2014): klik hier.
    • Rania KHALEK: "Israel’s extermination of whole families in Gaza reflects genocidal impulse" (The Electronic Intifada, August 27, 2014): klik hier.
    • Ali ABUNIMAH: "How many bombs has Israel dropped on Gaza?" (The Electronic Intifada, August 19, 2014): klik hier.

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